"Creating a new tale each day..."

Established in 2003, Horse Tales Ranch has been committed to offering our boarders a relaxed, clean environment.  We have always been willing to provide our boarders and our four-legged friends with whatever they require to succeed in the show ring, rodeo arena, and on the trails. HTR is welcoming to all equine disciplines, located just minutes from Davie's magnificent trail system, and offers the best horse care available in South Florida. 

Horse Tales Ranch understands the importance of your bond with your horse, and our amazing, hard working staff works diligently to provide only the very best for more than ten years. Our hurricane proof barn, wash rack with dividers and individual hoses, private tack lockers, reliable feed schedule with quality hay and grain, indoor and outdoor crossties, and two open air fully lit arenas are just a few of the many, many incredible amenities available at Horse Tales Ranch.

Horse Tales Ranch is also open daily, understanding of all schedules, and ensures top quality horse care for horses of all breeds and disciplines.

HTR works tirelessly to provide both its resident horses and their happy owners a clean and quiet facility, best allowing for the relationship between you and your horse to grow and flourish beautifully, each day creating a new tale featuring you and your horse.